About ogr properties Ltd

Meet Oakley Guy

Oakley, the heart and soul of OGR Properties Ltd, isn't just another plumber. He carries the torch of a family legacy, inheriting over 30 years of expertise. School holidays weren't spent playing games; they were spent learning the trade firsthand, wrenches in hand, alongside seasoned mentors. This wasn't just a youthful pursuit – it ignited a passion that led him to make plumbing his life's work.

But while Oakley embraces the wisdom of generations, he's no mere copycat. His dedication and work ethic are his own, fuelling his success. He approaches each project with a skilled hand and a pragmatic mind, tackling diverse challenges and troubleshooting issues with meticulous detail. Whether it's a seamless boiler installation, a delicate leak repair, or a complex system overhaul, Oakley possesses the expertise and resourcefulness to ensure every job is done right.

Beyond technical prowess, Oakley has a genuine passion for helping people. He understands the disruption and discomfort caused by plumbing and heating woes, and takes pride in restoring peace of mind and comfort to his customers' homes. This dedication, combined with his deep-rooted experience and practical skills, makes him a trusted name in Portsmouth, ensuring OGR Properties Ltd continues its legacy of reliable service for generations to come.